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We are the world’s leading provider of trade-related insura​nce solutions, helping companies of all sizes trade with confidence at home or abroad. ​


What do we do?


Euler Hermes, a company of Allianz, has been protecting and supporting businesses for more than 100 years.
Our trade credit insurance solutions help thousands of companies regardless of size or sector to trade with confidence, whether at home or internationally, safe in the knowledge that they always get paid.
At the heart of our service is our knowledge – exclusive knowledge that helps you choose the right companies to do business with, reducing your risk and maximizing your opportunity.
We acquire and extend this knowledge both through our experience, and a network of risk experts located in 98 risk offices around the world. This ‘proximity to risk’ is essential to clients for making the best-informed decisions both locally and globally, and to support you in your long-term ambitions.


How does it work?

Credit insurance trade credit and debt collection
Credit insurance protects your company against the failure of your customer to pay their trade credit debts. These debts can arise as a result of your customer becoming insolvent or failing to pay within agreed terms and conditions (i.e. ‘protracted default’).
We assist you in targeting your sales strategy effort, focusing on profitable buyers and markets, and avoiding financially weak or unstable customers and even countries.
Then, we keep you informed about the financial health of your customers and markets through our online information platform Eolis and regular country risk and sector insights generated by our dedicated Economic Research teams.

What do we offer?


Euler Hermes offers a range of services to safeguard business growth :
> Credit insurance – protecting you from the risk of non-payment and identifying the “better risks” to maximize your business opportunities.
Find out more about Euler Hermes’ range of credit management solutions, and about how you can protect your business or its cash flow and maximize your business opportunities.