We can help your business



If you answer yes to any of the following questions, then we may be able to help your business :

- Do you sell regularly on credit terms ?
- Have any of your customers ever become insolvent ?
- Do you have any unpaid commercial debts that you cannot collect ?
- Do you sell regularly to new customers ?
- Do you sell abroad ?
- Do you need help in assessing the financial status of your customers ?
- Do you need to improve your business’ cash flow ?


There are many ways through which a company can become aware of the benefits of Credit Insurance. It may be :

- A recommendation by a bank
- You have suffered an important loss and now realise that it could have been avoided
- You have read about it in the press
- Your insurance broker has introduced the concept.
Our relationship starts once the first contact has been made during which a lot of information will be exchanged. We will endeavor to understand your business, credit management rules, trading experience and make preliminary assessments of your client base. We will listen to your needs and priorities and, together, we will assess various solutions to answer those needs.
Typically, this will result in one or more Non Binding Offer, which will form the basis for our further discussions, until we come to an agreement and sign the contract. The process requires a serious investment from all parties involved and can take some time to reach completion. But then, the decision to use credit management is also a strategic decision of your company.